Wednesday, July 6, 2011

J-Man and his Bling

A couple posts ago I made a comment about how James was all boy.  For 90% of the day, that is still true.  He has been known to walk around the house with a softball, a football while kicking a soccer ball.  He has also been known to juggle all these balls while wearing three necklaces.   Yep.  My boy likes dress up.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that James has a stronger resemblance to Matt than he does to me.  The blond hair, the blue eyes, the sunny disposition. . . and the flair for drama.    You could maybe argue that we both have a little drama in us—but Matt’s is entirely positive.  My sweet husband loves to dress up and it appears to be a genetic trait.   

All James is missing is a clock for his chain. 
James is sporting my sunglasses and necklace (which he left the house in) at the Twins game on the 4th.

The first Halloween after I met Matt, we were of the officially not dating but seeing each other phase.  Matt invited me to meet him out the weekend before Halloween and I showed up to find him in full costume.  No one else in his group was dressed up but I learned an important value for Matt.  Halloween. (which is a month, not just a day)  I was surprised and impressed with the versatility of his costume box (yes, he has one) and how he is able to create multiple ‘looks’ from a few items.  That particular Halloween he was sporting a prison outfit, a zorro mask and a cowboy hat with the divot pushed up and a curly wig.  Any guesses?  How about the hamburglar? 

He “Held” up the McDonalds by the University and the student worker “pretended” to not know who the Hamburglar was. .. .  and why some guy in a prison outfit was demanding all his hamburgers.

I am excited about this new phase for James. . . I have always loved when parents let their kids express their style at an early age despite their outcomes.  Celebrate away folks,  my kid likes balls and glam!  Just like his daddy.  :)

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