Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes I Think it Might Just Be Working. . .

James' speech stuff is still going on.  We haven't been back for a re-evaluation on his hearing loss but he is still plugging along at speech development.

One thing I wish people would have told me about the milestones is that they are just that milestones. They are almost events instead of gradual developments. I remember walking into a room to see Matt and James sitting up having a 'conversation' when he was six months old.  He looked like a pro even though he was sitting for the very first time.  Instant mastery.

We had a moment of instant mastery the other day.  I was driving to my in-laws which is along the lake and James started yelling from the backseat: boat boat boat boat.  He announced each boat that we passed and when we turned away from the lake, he started pointing and announcing each tree.  Boat Boat Boat, TRee TREE TEE TEE TEE!!

So instant mastery maybe isn't the best word for it since we practice pointing and saying the names of things all the time. .. . . but it must have stuck all of a sudden.  Either way, go James go!

Boats, Cars, Balls. . . if it wasn't confirmed.  James is very much all boy.

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