Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running Update

I have been doing well.  Really well (for me.) The kind of well where you know it can't last. I have been running a few 1.5 mile runs at an 8.40 pace, which feels really good and still a little challenging and yesterday I ran a 5k in 29.40 with no warm up.  My first half mile is usually a bit above a 10 minute mile, so if I shave that off and hit the ground running (pun intended) I should have a shot at a 28 minute 5k.

Then I sprained my ankle.  The big benefit of being married to a doctor is at home diagnosis.  Way to save the $20 co-pay!  The hours I could do without but the co-pay makes it all worth it. . .

Anyway, so he suggests that I give it two weeks before running again.  We often disagree about these things. . .so we will see.   I was really excited about this goal. . . but I may need to look for another race later this summer.

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