Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding my Way

I am now one week into the new job and things are starting to look pretty ok.  I really had some questions the first couple of days. It wasn’t that I didn’t think the position was interesting; it was that I was LONELY. My new co-workers are nice, but they weren’t my old co-workers.  Which I admit is a difficult standard to live up to. 

Today though I met a gal who is about my age who invited me to lunch—in fact the finance team eats lunch together every day!  Woo hoo friends!  I am thrilled. 

Other things about the new corporate environment are interesting as well.   My new company is much more budget conscience than my old company—I ordered some post-it’s and my request was denied because they don’t allow fun colors.   I am a lover of good office supplies and am considering a trip to Target on my own dime.  I need my super sticky 4x6 post-its!
In other news:

We are also a couple of weeks into the play and that is going well as well. Matt is having a good time—working on his lines in his down time in the NICU and in bed at night. It’s fun to see him fired up to do something new.   

The running has not been going so hot.  My ankle was bugging me more than I thought so I have laid off of it for a while.  We ran the local pride 5k on Sunday and came in at 33 minutes—pretty f’ing far from my goal.  ARGH.  I would love to say that we weren’t working that hard, or that we paced ourselves but none of those claims would be true.  I worked at a pretty decent level and the best I could do was 33 minutes!    

The 5k I was originally training for is this weekend.  I am officially revising my goal to my normal goal—just finish under 30 which I still feel like might be a stretch.   Either way—it’s great to get out and be active.

Ok, so that was a bit of a dump of what is going down in the Fitz world.  It’s been more tiring to start a new job than I thought so I suspect it will be a little bit until I find my new normal.

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