Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finding my Way

I am now one week into the new job and things are starting to look pretty ok.  I really had some questions the first couple of days. It wasn’t that I didn’t think the position was interesting; it was that I was LONELY. My new co-workers are nice, but they weren’t my old co-workers.  Which I admit is a difficult standard to live up to. 

Today though I met a gal who is about my age who invited me to lunch—in fact the finance team eats lunch together every day!  Woo hoo friends!  I am thrilled. 

Other things about the new corporate environment are interesting as well.   My new company is much more budget conscience than my old company—I ordered some post-it’s and my request was denied because they don’t allow fun colors.   I am a lover of good office supplies and am considering a trip to Target on my own dime.  I need my super sticky 4x6 post-its!
In other news:

We are also a couple of weeks into the play and that is going well as well. Matt is having a good time—working on his lines in his down time in the NICU and in bed at night. It’s fun to see him fired up to do something new.   

The running has not been going so hot.  My ankle was bugging me more than I thought so I have laid off of it for a while.  We ran the local pride 5k on Sunday and came in at 33 minutes—pretty f’ing far from my goal.  ARGH.  I would love to say that we weren’t working that hard, or that we paced ourselves but none of those claims would be true.  I worked at a pretty decent level and the best I could do was 33 minutes!    

The 5k I was originally training for is this weekend.  I am officially revising my goal to my normal goal—just finish under 30 which I still feel like might be a stretch.   Either way—it’s great to get out and be active.

Ok, so that was a bit of a dump of what is going down in the Fitz world.  It’s been more tiring to start a new job than I thought so I suspect it will be a little bit until I find my new normal.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometimes I Think it Might Just Be Working. . .

James' speech stuff is still going on.  We haven't been back for a re-evaluation on his hearing loss but he is still plugging along at speech development.

One thing I wish people would have told me about the milestones is that they are just that milestones. They are almost events instead of gradual developments. I remember walking into a room to see Matt and James sitting up having a 'conversation' when he was six months old.  He looked like a pro even though he was sitting for the very first time.  Instant mastery.

We had a moment of instant mastery the other day.  I was driving to my in-laws which is along the lake and James started yelling from the backseat: boat boat boat boat.  He announced each boat that we passed and when we turned away from the lake, he started pointing and announcing each tree.  Boat Boat Boat, TRee TREE TEE TEE TEE!!

So instant mastery maybe isn't the best word for it since we practice pointing and saying the names of things all the time. .. . . but it must have stuck all of a sudden.  Either way, go James go!

Boats, Cars, Balls. . . if it wasn't confirmed.  James is very much all boy.

Monday, June 20, 2011

First Day Reflections

I started my new job today.  There were some high points for sure.  The entire teams seems pretty nice, but not much of a team at all.  I asked them where they liked to go for lunch and there was silence and blinking before someone muttered, 'we usually eat at our desks.'   Well that's festive.  It will probably be fine with me in the long run, I wouldn't mind having the lunch hour to work out.

I spent a small fortune on wardrobe over the last weekend.  Much of it will be going back, but I did get some nice pieces.   It's always nice to have a new outfit to start a new experience.

I didn't sleep well at all last night so I am probably headed to bed pretty quickly, but just wanted to say thanks for sticking with me while I make this transition.  It was a challenging decision but I am hopeful that it will be a good one.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Economy in 2 Minutes

A friend posted this on facebook, and I thought it was great.  Happy Friday

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You know, it's a weird thing. I have been pretty invested in my job for the last five years and it is now 15 minutes until I am done and it's oddly anticlimactic.   I was very anxious about resigning to my manager.  I even ended up taking a trip to the ER to get an EKG because I was having some chest pains.  Call me a hypochondriac or just call me a paranoid who has spent five years writing about cardiac health. Either way. . . panic attacks aside this was very stressful.

Until all of a sudden it wasn't. 

What I am going to promises to be a pretty heavy adventure.  It's a huge company and a lofty job. I know I will get through it, but I am missing the fight right now to get excited about it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Running Update

I have been doing well.  Really well (for me.) The kind of well where you know it can't last. I have been running a few 1.5 mile runs at an 8.40 pace, which feels really good and still a little challenging and yesterday I ran a 5k in 29.40 with no warm up.  My first half mile is usually a bit above a 10 minute mile, so if I shave that off and hit the ground running (pun intended) I should have a shot at a 28 minute 5k.

Then I sprained my ankle.  The big benefit of being married to a doctor is at home diagnosis.  Way to save the $20 co-pay!  The hours I could do without but the co-pay makes it all worth it. . .

Anyway, so he suggests that I give it two weeks before running again.  We often disagree about these things. . .so we will see.   I was really excited about this goal. . . but I may need to look for another race later this summer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ch Ch Changes

So the absence has largely been in part due to some pretty significant life changes for me.  I resigned from my job on Thursday and am starting a new job on June 20. 

I was shocked at how stressful this was for me. I have had really good times at my current company and some pretty rocky times.  During those rocky times though, I really invested a lot of myself into my job which made me realize that much of my personal identity is wrapped up in my job.  Not a great philosophy overall and something I would look to remedy in my next role.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Running Mix

So the gods have answered and I have a new running playlist! A little new, a little old but all music that I think is fun and slightly age inappropriate.

Little Lovin'- Lissie
Set Fire to the Rain-Adele
Tonight Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae
Just Can't Get Enough-BEP
On the Floor- Jennifer Lopez
Love the Way You Lie-Rihanna and Eminem
ET- Katy Perry
Grenade-Bruno Mars
Dynamite- Taio Cruz
Dog Days are Over- Flo
When I'm Alone-Lissie
Judas-Lady GaGa'
Price Tag- Jessie J
Born This Way- Lady GaGa

I have also been running a little bit more which feels good. I haven't ever really trained to run a faster anything so I thought that might be a good summer goal. As a remarkably slow runner, I have often found myself running longer races and following the turtle mentality of racing.  This summer with the knee and hip problems I have been having, I can't look at longer races so I am going to focus on running a faster 5k (which has never been a goal!)

I have picked a 5k on the 4th of July weekend to shoot for and I am going to shoot for under 28 minutes (with a stretch goal of under 27).  I have run at this pace from time to time but have never tried to do it at a race.  Wish me luck!