Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

We have been doing a lot of yard work lately. One of the big surprises in home ownership has been the amount of yard work needed to actually make a yard look halfway decent.

Today we hit a new level of ah ha. All of our neighbors have pristine lawns while we are under a dandelion hostile takeover. Let's just say the property lines are color coded.

I hit a new point in adulthood today when I realized that I can't do it myself and it is ok to ask for professional help.  Having a wooded lot is good for many things: Privacy, Romance, Serenity, Invasive Species. . . . and we can no longer do it without help.

Upon the recommendations of our neighbors, we are hiring a lawn service. I know it's elitist sounding. . . but once I started calling around, it's surprisingly affordable if you go with a base plan.  I am feeling really conflicted about this splurge and whether or not it's needed.  But I realized that I took an entire week off of work this spring to make sure that I wasn't constantly behind like we were last year and now two weeks later our lawn looks like it could be a study on heterogeneity. And frankly, I am not fired up about the idea of pulling weeds two evenings a week. Because that's what we are doing now. And. It's.Only. May.  The theme of the year was GUSTO (all caps) not TEDIUM (all caps.) And frankly, I am willing to pay 200 bucks to get two evenings a week back.

So this is defeat. . . hopefully this will keep the neighbors from glaring at us when they drive by.

I will post more pictures of our lawn and the steps we are taking to streamline for more quality GUSTO'ing time


  1. We splurged and did the same thing this year! I couldn't handle the thought of dealing with creeping charlie and dandelions in the midst of everything else...no guilt here! :)

  2. Glad to hear I am not the only one in this predicament! I actually did a spread sheet and we wouldn't have been far off on the round up expenses. do you do grub prevention?

  3. Hey D! I hopped on over here after you linked to a post on FB not too long ago. How fun to keep up with you here too.

    Our 3 acres were a mess when we first moved in...we invested in a good lawn service for just a couple years to get things whipped into shape. Once we got it healthy, we found we were able to maintain it ourselves after that!

  4. Hi Kar! Great to hear from you! I read your blog too! Your family is just beautiful! I remember when you were pregnant with the twins-- so fun to see them grown now!

    Hope you are well! Dana