Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He's a Star

The big news that I eluded to is NOT a new addition to the family. . . . no news on that front one way or the other.  (although Matt did say that may be I could get another dog down the line. . . or a beta fish) The big news is that I am married to a witty, funny, entertaining, TALENTED hunk of a man!  Ta Da!  

Matt's interpretation of Fay Ray and King Kong

I have been involved in theater my whole life and most recently as a director and choreographer. Since the coming of the monkey I haven't done anything and even now have questioned if I can do anything. . . but needless to say I have decided to choreograph the Sound of Music for a local theater company.

Now Matt.   Has always been interested in this theater thing I do from time to time. He has even been known to show up to rehearsals to sit in the back and study during our rehearsals.  So on Saturday when he said that he was going to swing by our auditions to check it out I wasn't surprised in the least.  When he decided to audition to be a Nazi Goon, I wasn't surprised in the least.  When he gave a great audition, I was shocked.  

We had about 20 people lined up to sing the same song and Matt was watching and realizing he couldn't compete with such awesome voices so he does a very theatrical, William Shatner, Rex Harrison interpretation of Do a Deer. And he ended up with the role of Uncle Max.  Who sings and dances and has lines. . . . who knew! I didn't actually think his funny take on it would earn him a real part, but the director was up for taking a chance and making the character a funny choice. 

Matt has always been a little dramatic (he has a costume box . . . because you 'never know when you will need those gorilla feet') but he really took a chance with this and I am so excited for his journey.  He is fired up as well and he spent much of the last couple of days talking about who Max really is.  His residency admins have arranged his schedule so that he can be off for rehearsals and so for the sake of gusto and new adventures he is going to try something new!  Yay Matt!

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