Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Everyday Flowers

Matt came home last night!  Yay!!  I picked up a small bouquet at Walgreens to bring to the airport.  I thought since it would be fun to do a step by step on how to design a budget bouquet into a whimsical little design.  This bouquet contained some leather leaf, button carnations, two roses and purple statice. 

Step 1: Pick a container that will allow you to design a full looking bouquet.   I am not working with a lot of material so I picked a small green jug that is about 3 inches high. 

I then filled it in with three pieces of leather leaf.  I placed them as if one were at 12 o'clock, one at 10 o'clock and one at 5 o'clock.  I then placed  the two primary flowers in-- each rose.  The rose that is more closed I put pointing up and to the left while the more open rose I put facing toward me and lower to the mouth of the vase.Note the peach rose was a little iffy in the below photo. I always wait until the end to do any pruning. . .    it helps keep the outer petals from any future bruising while you manipulate the flowers.
 I then filled in with the statice. I used 3 pieces of statice so that it would balance the two roses.

 Finally I added 5 carnations. (I try to work in odd numbers whenever possible!)

And there is my sweet little bouquet.  All in, probably took me 3-5 minutes. . . .  picking the container is key to making store bought flowers look good!

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