Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Loulapalooza-- Update on Progress

So my great hunker down, take care of baby and self,  work-out, self-reflection, get healthy experiment is almost over.  How did it go?  Well, not well.

I am a big fan of resolutions-- always have been.  I like to learn and grow but am often plagued by lack of direction.  The resolutions (and kitschy branding of these resolutions) has always been a good mechanism to get my butt moving.

First of all, I may have had an issue with focus-- see above.   I think I tried to bite off too many things. I did do some good things, I bought a running stroller off of Craigslist, rejoined the Y and worked on getting this blog up a little.  What didn't go well: we had some family things that needed to attend to, our condo came up for rent, life at work imploded.   There was just no time for self in the month of April.  It was nuts from start to finish. . . .

What else did do well- I was a good mom.  Despite the craziness of life this month, I still got to spend a great deal of quality time with James.   We've explored the park on several occasions and have had a lot of fun with a bubble gun.   We also ate a lot of cheese please.  I think it really paid off too, I feel like we are communicating better and enjoying each others company. 

I am thinking about moving Loulapalooza into May and focusing it more on my health.  I have struggled to regain a solid exercise routine since James joined us and I think with Matt coming home soon that this might be a better month for Loulapalooza.    I may even try to find a way to share it here!

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