Thursday, April 7, 2011

International Adoption

So one important aspect of our lives is our desire to have a global family-- we have planned on adopting from the beginning of our marriage and are now on the 'waiting list' for a child from Ethiopia.  This has been a very challenging process-- for a couple of reasons.  A little back story- we first started looking at a variety of country programs.  Matt has done some work in Africa in the past and I went to visit him in Cameroon and we both felt somewhat called to that location.  Cameroon unfortunately does not have a well-established adoption program and just a few US approvals annually.   We then started looking more broadly at African programs and came across Ethiopia.  We both just kind of knew that Ethiopia was the right program for us- stable, ethical, significant need for homes for children etc. Unfortunately, soon after signing up with our agency there have been a host of changes in the country level administration of international adoption.    Now we have been waiting for 9 months and still are unsure of how things will pan out.  I will post more about the specifics because as I said before-- I learned a great deal from the experiences of other people's blogs.  I feel like I should contribute as well!

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